Once again, stocks are at a critical level and investors need to be aware of where the stock market is and pay attention to their stock portfolios.

As you can see from the chart below of the S&P 500 Index, stocks made an amazing recovery from the 1820 level (twice this year) and ultimately reached the previous high made last year (at 2110).

Currently, the chart below of shows that prices are once again at a critical level as buyers and sellers continue their daily trading.

spx051816-300x204-1920w (1).png

The recent columns of Os (sellers dominating the market price) have been met with buyers (columns of Xs) at the level we see the price today – 2040.

If sellers remain dominant in the marketplace and take the price below 2040, the next support level is all the way down to 1970.

So, today’s level is one of which investors need to aware.

I am not making a prediction as it remains possible that buyers could return to the marketplace and take prices at, or above, the high at 2010 made both last year and again in 2016.

Finally, I wish to point out is that we are all inundated by the media with a lot of “noise” that is, in my opinion, irrelevant.

Remember, the only factor that determines the price of anything is the Law of Supply and Demand. It is the moment-by-moment decisions made by buyers and sellers that determines prices and not who may or not be the next president of the United States.

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