So, what is Innovative Investing?

Innovative Investing is Simple, Logical, and Effective. Innovative Investing is a proprietary method of investing using two unique segments. First is The Investment Compass, which consists of eight principal worldwide markets (think of them as eight points on a magnetic compass) each among the largest in the world. These eight markets are:

1. U.S. Stock Market

2. U.S. Bond Market

3. Crude Oil Market

4. Gold Market

5. Foreign Stock Market

6. U.S. Dollar Market

7. Global Commodity Market

8. U.S. Real Estate Market

The second segment of Innovative Investing is the All-In Strategy, which allows investors to invest in any of the eight markets listed above, whether that market is going up or down. Innovative Investing is unique because it is not found anywhere else in the world.

All of my work has been developed by myself over many years of being involved with all manner of investing – stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, ETFs, private placements as well as real estate. As an Investment Coach and financial advisor, I not only bring my individual and corporate clients my proprietary uniqueness, but also decades of experience and knowledge of how the market works. Put simply, markets go up, go sideways or go down, and there only two reason this happens: One – there are more buyers than sellers, or two – there are more sellers than buyers.

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