Investing in gold is one of the major cornerstones of The Investment Compass.

This precious metal plays several roles in our overall analysis of the marketplace. I can teach you how to use your gold investment to grow your wealth, and create a more secure future for yourself and your family.

First of all, gold has been viewed for a long time as an indicator of inflation. So when considering it in conjunction with the cost of money (interest rates – the second cornerstone) and the price of energy (crude oil – the third cornerstone), we grasp a good handle on the direction of inflation.

Secondly, gold has more recently been considered as a “currency”. I site recent agreements among nations to settle crude oil sales in gold as opposed to the US Dollar (yet another cornerstone of The Investment Compass).

Below you will see the results in applying the Secret Sauce while investing in gold ETF and its inverse ETF.

2010 + 25.92%
2011 + 11.76%
2012 – 8.70%
2013 + 41.71%
2014 + 14.56%
The five-year total was +85.25% which is a +17.05% average annual rate of investment return.


The results using the Secret Sauce with Silver’s ETF and inverse ETF produced the following results:

2010 + 70.59%
2011 – 2.91%
2012 – 28.34%
2013 + 66.07%
2014 + 27.85%
The five-year total was +133.26% for an annual average rate of return of +26.65%.

And, please note that there are several years with negative results and be reminded that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

The Investment Compass does not recommend either gold or silver as investments, however, does share the results of applying the Secret Sauce to investing in gold and silver ETFs and their respective inverse ETFs. These results are included as a part of the services with a Winner Circle Membership.

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