401 (K)

401(k) investors are faced with a daunting tasks and challenges.

Remember, it is your retirement account and it is up to the individual investor to stay “on top” of each and every retirement investment decision. Even if the only choice(s) is(are) a mutual fund(s), there is a time, for example, to be in certain markets and a time not to be. 401(k) investors will be able to see clearly when to make the best investment decisions.

The Investment Compass’ investment coaching is useful to 401(k) participants with their allocation and market timing decisions. The Point-and-Figure charts are perfect illustrations of the Law of Supply and Demand which is the only dictating factor as it relates to price changes in all investments. And, since buy and sell signals are generated throughout the various market cycles, 401(k) investors may, by using The Investment Compass Consulting Services at a very reasonable price, be guided by an experienced investment coach.

Let The Investment Compass, with our experience and simple methodology, guide you through the sometimes unforgiving passages that confront the uninformed 401(k) investors.

Stay informed, stay current with all your investments