This book is about taking a fresh look at the investment process. The fact that there is only "one thing" that makes an investment go up or down - the prevelance of buyers and sellers. That is simply The Law of Supply and Demand. Furthermore, since one of the oldest and still the most reliable pictorial representations of this law is the Point-and-Figure chart, it is used exclusively in this book and can also be an important education book for many readers. By using both ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) and Inverse ETFs, an exciting "teeter-totter" strategy is revealed. Enjoy the read and the Journey!

Offered at $24.95. Let Bigfork's (MT) leading investment coach explain this simple, logical and easy-to-learn method that you can use for the rest of your investing future.



This is a 3-session, online course. Each session is approximately 90 minutes in length and is done live with Terry Atzen, the founder of The Investment Compass.

These are intense and comprehensive sessions where “the best-kept secret” is learned and, most importantly, demonstrated how it is applied to all investment decisions. This methodology works in both up and down markets.

This Boot Camp will add value to every investor’s toolkit!

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The Winner’s Circle Membership consists of investors that have completed the three-week “Boot Camp” and wish to receive Updates from The Investment Compass.

The Updates are periodically - at least monthly – written reports from The Investment Compass. They include market updates, all buy and sell signals of the ETFs pertinent to the market segments of The Investment Compass and answers to questions from The Winner’s Circle Members. Also, there are monthly, online - live forums where Members will have an opportunity to personally interact with Mr. Atzen.

Winner’s Circle members will also receive a free copy of “The Investment Compass. De-Mystifying Today’s Markets. A Dynamic, Empowering and Simple Methodology. Don’t Invest Without It!”

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The Investment Compass is totally dedicated to helping individual participants in a company’s 401(k) plan gain the skills they need to enhance their performance in their plan.

Each company’s 401(K) plan is unique. Each participant’s portfolio is unique.

This service may be purchased by an individual participant or by the corporation for all employees.

The Investment Compass will “tailor-make” an educational presentation on each investment option of their plan. This presentation is void of bias. Our only goal is to be sure each participant learns understands the impact of the “best kept secret” on their 401(k) investment options.

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